IBM Typewriter Repair

Each IBM Typewriter undergos a solvent cleaning, a high mortality parts replacement, complete lubrication, and adjustment to factory specifications.

Our work is professional refurbishing and repair. Please keep this in mind when comparing this to other typewriters that have not been treated in this way. A IBM typewriter that has NOT had a solvent cleaning still has grease and oil in it from the 1980s.

This old lubricant turns to gum and grit over the years, usually making the keyboard sticky, and slowing the entire mechanism down. Eventually overpowering even the motor.

We are IBM typewriter service experts, having worked on them since the 1960s, you can be certain that our typewriters are refurbished to perform like new.

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This is a quote the supervisor at IBM used to say about our Lead Technician.

Our Lead Tech worked for the IBM Company servicing typewriters 27 years.
He has been with us 16 years servicing IBM typewriters.

We say, "He can fix them in his sleep!" What does that mean for you? With this much knowledge, he can evaluate the problem quickly, saving you money.

WE SPECIALIZE IN IBM TYPEWRITERS ONLY - BECAUSE WE FEEL IBM MACHINES ARE THE BEST TYPEWRITERS EVER MADE! The only time our company does not repair your machine is if it would be too cost prohibited. In that event, you would be notified. There have only been 2 machines that this has occured with in our company's past history. Most machines will be the minimum charge.

To schedule a repair, contact our office for shipping instructions.
Give our friendly customer service department a call and we will be happy to be of assistance!